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Update, Feb. 2 2018

Hello again from the long, windswept hallway of quote-unquote instant content. Psh.

I spent some uncomfortable moments on the floor last night updating/re-writing our “About Me” page, and as it is kinda hidden to local eyes, please see the copy+pasted reproduction below:


About US:

We are Francesca + Niklaus: friends, lovers, supporters, antagonists, thinkers, doers, etc… We’re cataloguing some incidents where we’ve interacted with the world. If you read our statement, you’ll (hopefully) understand that our goal is to make the world a more magical, inspiring, and empowering place through the many media of creativity.

We’ve been together for a little over four years now. We met in Philadelphia at a coffee shop we both worked in (shout out to Passero’s!): Francesca on the way out (hiatus), Nicklaus on the way in. We were immediately interested in each other but nothing was said of it or nor were there any instances in which to act upon it for a few months. Eventually we hung out, and things escalated quickly from there: within 3 months we were living together, then two months after that we sold everything we couldn’t carry on two bicycles and set off for adventure with (pretty) good vibes and lots of courage. We spent almost four months on those bicycles, covered approximately 3700 miles across the eastern and western seaboards of the USA and the northern rim of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and settled in Seattle, WA in July of 2014 to get our shit together and build a home for our incubating offspring. Our son Quetzaalli was born in our home in Seattle in January of 2015 and demanded to be held at all times until he learned to walk, around November of that same year. By now (Feb 1, 2018) he’s only game for a little cuddling because he’s waaaay too busy playing and tumbling. His fat, lazy, dreeeeamy hunk of a brother Omxiiu (“Om-zoo”) was called into the world by a blazing full moon in the snowy Seattle of late 2016, and is, as of now, just standardizing his walking protocol. Omxiiu loves making animal noises, and does it quite well, we think. We aim to cease procreation hence.

Seattle is alright. The income inequality and insanely inflated real estate market leave a bad feeling in my stomach and tempt me to move elsewhere, but we’re not strongly inclined anywhere in particular at the moment, and it sure is hard to leave what’s great about here: the landscape, and the lingering sorta saloon-y, lumberjacky, dampness – think darkness and lamps. So no plans per se at present; just family talk.

In late 2014 we got married and changed our last names to Aauroraa as an homage to a large and character-rich street here in Seattle. It seemed like the funnest way to play that tricky hand. Doing what seems most pleasing has generally been the name of the game for us, even when it seems scary (becoming vagabonds, getting married, having home births), but the key is to focus on what we can do, and believe in our abilities and our ability to give and receive help. As we said in the last “About Me”: the goal is to “be the change(s) we wish to see,” as Gandhi so eloquently phrased it.

We’ve been a little busy the past few years since the meeting and subsequently-quick setting off upon bold adventure (the pictures from which inspired the creation of a digital repository and tangential identity we call “WEREMEDIA” (think werewolves, and “we’re media” … “media” is very strange when you really think about it)), and thusly this site, but now that our kids are a little more established we’re starting to get a new hang and some routines down, so we’re hoping to be making more creative works which we’ll share some of here. If you poke around you’ll find some links, too.

Peace, be well, and enjoy in joy.
ND∆ (and F, Q, & O ∆∆∆).

Seattle, WA 2.1.2018

**musical works from part of our organization can also be found at whifftrophy.bandcamp.com


Goodest Luck!


well, that about covers the update for now. I hope to have more to share in the near future.

Peace and best wishes,


Hi. We’ve been busy: having a child and raising him thus far into his 13th month topside, making an album, doing other art stuffs, traveling, cleaning the house…you know. Anyway, we added a Twitter feed today as plans are developing to do some stuff in the world and invite interested parties to partake. Links to your right. Also, if you’re in the Seattle area, we have some photos and drawings on display and available for purchase this month at Chocolati in Greenwood (at Greenwood Ave & 84th). They also make some delicious foody-foods, so indulge in that. Talk with ya soon ❤ *WM*

“In Which Who$£ Opinion Matters” Kickstarter


We’re also attempting to fund a Kickstarter project (link above) in which we seek to make “air” (aka Voice) in the public space accessible to your fairly “average” person. Our thoughts are explained in some detail on the Kickstarter page, but for here let’s just also say that the point is to encourage people to invest in their own opinions and abilities. Please check the project out and share! Thanks SO MUCH!

Weremedia (Nicklaus + Frankie)